Francis Wacziarg Agencies (P) Ltd 

Francis Wacziarg Agencies (P) Ltd

This is a Free Listing for Tirupur, India, posted on October 15, 2014.

Francis Wacziarg Agencies (P) Ltd. is a buying agency based in India and Bangladesh. Our Pan-India reach, leverage, long experience and established supply chain allows our clients to avail the right product, at the time, at the lowest price. Our client’s include well known international brands, hypermarkets and supermarkets, retailers, department stores, mail order companies and importers, mostly in Europe.

We build the bridge and mediate for our clients, as their representative in India and Bangladesh. We offer design, input collection development, salesman sampling, definition of production, order placement, order follow up, quality control and assurance, logistical follow up till the goods reach our clients warehouse.

We are a service company and offer a transparent supply chain, welcome client visits to factories and raw material suppliers.

We, as a matter of policy, aim for protection of human rights, adherence to factory safety standards & have zero tolerance for child labour.

Key Highlights

  • Best Price
  • Work Quality
  • Timely Delivery

Contact Details

Francis Wacziarg Agencies (P) Ltd
KRG Thottam, Serangadu,
Chandrapuram Main Road,
KNP Colony Post, Tirupur - 641 608.
Tel : +91-421-4310900 / 2431085 / 86
Fax : +91-421-2431087
Email :

NOTE: This listing will close on November 14, 2014

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