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Aalaya Academy Montessori School 

Aalaya Academy Montessori School

This is a Free Listing for Tirupur, India, posted on October 29, 2014.

At Aalaya we bring new thinking into the life of a school and focus totally on the child’s innate nature. We look upon education as an effort to help the personal and primary development of the child. We take the child completely into an exciting new world. We offer protection and care for the child, who has to grow every day and every hour of his life, whose work is the greatest creative labour of mankind.

At Aalaya we believe that education and learning continues throughout our lives and we focus on education as assistance to life. Children need to experience and arrive at their own learning. The most important years of children’s growth are the first six years of life and here we work at helping the children to bring the unconscious learning gradually to the conscious level.

Key Highlights

  • Motherly care
  • Convenience features
  • Infrastructure

Contact Details

Aalaya Academy Montessori School
# 10 Selvapuram, 3rd street,
Mannarai post, Tirupur-7.
Phone: 96980 78899
E-mail: info@aalayaacademy.org
Website: www.aalayaacademy.org

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