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Womens Center 

Womens Center

This is a Free Listing for Coimbatore, India, posted on October 26, 2014.

Womens Center has been providing the most comprehensive women’s healthcare needs solution for the last 30 years. This unit and its back up facilities represent one of the best set up centers in South India. It deals with the entire spectrum of women’s healthcare needs, catering to women in several districts of North Western Tamil Nadu and also serves as a tertiary care referral center for southern Tamilnadu, parts of Kerala and Karnataka.

Key Highlights

  • Patient care
  • Patients satisfaction
  • Rights of patients are respected and protected

Contact Details

Womens Center
146B Mettuppalayam Road,
Coimbatore - 641043 , Tamil Nadu, India,
Phone: 91 (422) 4201000, 4040202
E-mail: info@womenscenterindia.com

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