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Smart Modern School 

Smart Modern School

This is a Free Listing for Tirupur, India, posted on November 1, 2014.

Smart Modern School was an initiative of smart Trust which is run by six trustees with a motive to provide a value based education which ensures each student a future bound curriculum.

As you know that Tirupur has made its presence in the global market through its contribution in the textile industry. It demands an equivalent contribution in the field of education. To convert the reality our “Smart Trust” initiated the “Smart Modern School”.

Participatory and inclusive methods allow all children equal opportunity to listen and learn from each other. Our school provides a full, high quality value based curriculum, with a wide range of extra-curricular activities that can enhance the student’s overall skills and ensure the all round development. Our team constitutes dedicated and experienced teachers who can help students to become better citizens of tomorrow.

The infrastructure of our school and spacious class rooms allow students and teachers to form better relationships where every student feels safe, nurtured and personally motivated to achieve their full potential.

We strongly believe Smart Modern School will make this positive stride in the field of education. Let us join together for the cause of ‘Man-Making Education’.

Key Highlights

  • Best Coaching
  • less fees
  • bus facilities

Contact Details

Smart Modern School,
Avinasi Road,Tirupur - 641 652,
Phone: +91 - 421 - 22 55 555

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