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RVS Siddha Medical College & Hospital 

RVS Siddha Medical College & Hospital

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In this advanced Scientific Century Scientists and Doctors from various sections keenly notice at Siddha Systems of medicine. They believe in Siddha medicine and their anticipation is great from the Siddha system of Medicine. It is the global expectation than systems of medicine, the scope of the students of Siddha are high in future.


Siddha System is one of the ancient traditional systems of medicine in India. The term Siddha is derived from Siddhi i.e: attainment of perfection or an achievement. There is no word in the English language which adequately describes the word Siddham. The System of Siddha Medicine originated through the Siddhars, who were possessors of extra sensory knowledge and attainments.

This system also deals with the concept of immortality and salvation in this life. The exponents of this system consider that achievement of this state is possible by regulated diet, medicine and processing of mind by yogic or spiritual execises like meditation and yoga.

Key Highlights

  • Lab Facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Infrastructure

Contact Details

RVS Siddha Medical College & Hospital
Kumaran Kottam Campus,
Coimbatore-641402 India.
Phone: 0422- 2681123, 2681124
Fax: 0422- 2680047
E-mail: rvs_siddha@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.rvssiddha.ac.in

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