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Pet Friends 

Pet Friends

This is a Premium Listing for Coimbatore, posted on December 22, 2014.

There was this little guy whose whole world revolved around his best “pet” friends –his doggies and his fishes. Though he had a lot of friends of the two-leg variety, he would always go to these “silent” friends for solace and companionship. His loving parents sharing his love for his Pet Friends did everything to help him care for his special friends. The little boy soon grew up along with the dogs and the number of fish tanks. His friends circle grew larger with exotic birds that flew in from all sorts of jungles across the world.
Love and happiness are strange things – the more you share the more they grow. So,this grown up guy now decided to share his best “Pet Friends” with the world.To help everyone, young or old get a new best friend.
With his family’s help, he started a farm, aptly calling it “PET FRIENDS” and created a safe and comfortable haven where he could grow and breed exotic birds and pretty fishes. He knew that these beautiful birds and fishes not just need their daily feed, but also loads of care and a clean place to stay. There is a special bird for each person, was his firm belief. He knew that one doesn’t have to study vaastu or zen to know about the calming effects of fishes at home. So, why not, he decided, spread the peace by helping a family setup an aquarium at home? With his family’s blessings and his unshakable faith in his friends, he now presents to the world the “PET FRIENDS”.

Contact Details

#9/39, NMR Illam,
Sai Nagar,Thudiyalur,
Coimbatore 641034.
Mobile: 9677667777, 9842250991

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