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CottonBuds Inc 

CottonBuds Inc

This is a Free Listing for Tirupur, India, posted on October 15, 2014.

Cottonbuds Inc’s passion for fashionable apparel production, begun in late 90’s exceeding the old trend with a huge innovative style. Operating relentlessly with a decade of experience with a well built team of professional and diligent workforce determined in providing fashionable apparel; we are recognized to be one of the primary manufacturers among the world players.

We constantly work towards catering the client’s requirements in all our undertakings as our team is well aware that, clients are the basic asset of our business. Positioned in the Knit-city of India Cottonbuds Inc had grown as the trendsetter in spotting the up-to-the-minute technologies and implements in its production for sustaining the client base accommodating to the transforming fashion.
Board of Directors

As a family run business accompanied with academic excellence in fashion and business studies, incorporating a joint venture was a lot simple for the two distinguished personalities Mr.Nagamani and Mr.Thangavel, was passionate with desire in stepping towards the zenith with majesty in apparel trade.

Cottonbuds Inc constantly serves the clients with products that are of complete satisfaction with stylish design and cozy wear with a touch of contemporary trend.

Comprehensive business knowledge with relentless efforts of personnel in design and development of every single clothe made us the foremost choice, of our branded clients in garment manufacturing around the world.

Key Highlights

  • Best Price
  • Work Quality
  • Timely Delivery

Contact Details

CottonBuds Inc
48, Bridgeway colony (Extn),
Tirupur - 641607, INDIA.
Phone: +91 421 4336565 / 4336262
Fax: +91 421 4331183

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