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Amarjothi House 

Amarjothi House

This is a Free Listing for Tirupur, India, posted on October 28, 2014.

* Fully automatic and highly sophisticated imported machinery are used for dyeing.
* EYC cleared and spliced of dyed yarn cone.
* Our automatic RF dryer fully dries our dyed yarn.
* To ensure world-class standard, we have a modernized lab with the state-of-the-art precision equipments.
* Lap dip sample will be delivered within 24 hours.
* We also see dyed yarn. All counts of ready shades available (refer shade card).
* We undertake orders from 1 to 700 kgs in a single lot. i.e. We can dye 1 kg, 2 kgs, 3 kgs, 20 to 25 kgs, 30 to 38 kgs, 88 to 110 kgs, 192 to 240 kgs, 320 to 400 kgs, 412 to 516 kgs, 560 to 700 kgs, 850 to 1000 kgs in a single lot.
* We dye any shade, any quantity.
* Our dyed yarn is having all round fastness qualities like rubbing,washing and light fastness.
* According to customers specification we meet the special fastness quality.
* The feel of our dyed yarn is very soft.
* Our dyed yarns gives you the best results for knitting run ability.
* Actual weight of the dyed yarn will be delivered.
* Delivery on the dot.
* Our rates for dyeing are really economical and competitive.

Key Highlights

  • Best Price
  • Work Quality
  • Timely Delivery

Contact Details

Amarjothi House
157, Kumaran Road,
Tirupur 641601,
Phone: +91 421 4311600
Fax: +91 421 4326694

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