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Tirupur, in Tamil Nadu , (located 55 km to the east of Coimbatore City) accounts for 90 % of India’s cotton knitwear export,worth an estimated Rs 4,000 crores. But it is severely handicapped by poor infrastructure. Tirupur has a unique significant presence at the lower end of the international hosiery and knitwear market. But the exports from Tirupur are under threat due to the critical issues of environment pollution and child labour. The slow process of infrastructure development is also coming in the way of this town acquiring the image of a prestigious and mature international knitwear centre.

Most Tirupur entrepreneurs are satisfied with catering to the lower end of the market on a contract manufacturing basis. Tirupur is basically a traditional centre for cotton ginning. It's export boom began in the late 1980s , and the entire populace now depends on its viability as an export centre. Almost every household in the town undertakes some activity directly linked to the knitwear industry. The town’s dusty and narrow bylines, like Surat, are lined with residence-factories (most houses have dedicated at least one oom to these activities) spinning cotton into yarns, or knitting yarn into fabric, or simply separating and dividing the waste and scrap fabrics back into yarn for reprocessing. A whole range of industrial units catering to ancillary functions such as manufacture of cartons, polythene bags, zips, buttons, tapes and other packing material, has also spawned in a big way.

Yet, at first glance, nothing about Tirupur can make one believe that this town earns an annual $800 million plus in foreign exchange. This is because the state government and local municipal authorities have been too slow to cope with this dynamic growth. The variance between the town’s infrastructure and the actual requirements has led to a sharp rise in the cost of almost every basic social input. The present export-driven prosperity is letting Tirupur’s entrepreneurs meet these costs, but the paucity of adequate infrastructure could soon thwart its growth.

Knitwear industry has clearly identified the definition of fashion meaning thereby combination of many things put together and corresponds to feeling of something. Fashion is mainly dependable on industry and society in probationary manner. Creation of hi-style and value added knitted garments are instrumental in driving out the value- hidden stuff of the knitwear exporters with a motive that it reaches the intending on lookers who believe in right choice of selection.

Eveningwear is quite common and uniform all over the world; in spite of the fact remaining that India is popular for traditional wear. Knitwear exporters through travel from down to earth to reach the new horizons as far as fashion spectrum is concerned and has been successful in their attempts to cater to the world's demand of synthetic garments by adopting sophisticated sewing technique required by high value garments.


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